What to do in Florence!

Hi all! Today I’m going to provide you all with my personal top 3 things to do while in Florence. Here we go!!

Visit the Uffizi Gallery and get All’antico Vinaino for lunch afterwards. 


The Uffizi gallery is one of the most visited museums in the world for a reason. The stunning gallery provides a timeline of renaissance art, with it’s first rooms holding some of the most famous paintings in the world. If you do this, I highly recommend downloading the free Rick Steves Audio Guide app. In it, you are provided with a full guided tour of the Uffizi, as well as tours of some of the most famous places all over Europe! Using it for the Uffizi Gallery provides context for what you are seeing and is also just full of interesting information about the Renaissance and Florence in general. When you’re done, you should be happy to know that one of the greatest sandwiches (after Francesco’s place- which you need to get to as well) is just around the corner in All’antico Vinaino. What better way to end a long stroll through the Uffizi than some delicious sandwiches??


Watch the sunset on Piazzale Michaelangelo.


This is an absolutely perfect way to end the day in Florence. There is often some live music playing and there are tons of people watching the beautiful view of Florence. You can see virtually every spot in the city and there is something magical about it. The skyline of Florence has looked pretty much the same for hundreds of years!

Get some Gelato at  La Carraia!


Right near the fantastic sandwich shop Vinarno, this gelato store is one of the best in the city. Pictured above: A scoop of Dark Chocolate and Coffee!!! Located right on the Arno River, this is a must for anybody visiting Florence!