Semester in Sydney

Hello everyone! My name is Arianna Choing, I am currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a dual degree in Marketing and Psychology.  A little bit about me: some of my favorite hobbies include traveling, baking, and spending time with family and friends. In my spare time, you will most likely find me curled up with a good book.

My main goal in college is to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Therefore, I have tried to diversify my professional experiences. I have held 5 different internships in the past 3 years of my college career, all in varying industries within the marketing field. I have worked at a non-profit, at a digital marketing company, at a large scale advertising agency, at a market research firm, and even spent one summer as a bank teller. All of these experiences have been vital to my college career as they allowed for exposure to different aspects of marketing so that I can figure out what I may pursue as a future career.

Furthermore, I believe studying abroad is a cornerstone of my college experience, alongside a rigorous academic curriculum. The best way to appreciate other cultures is through real life experiences. Studying abroad will provide the opportunity to experience different cultures firsthand while learning about the country’s history and traditions. With that being said, I am so excited to announce that I will be studying abroad in Sydney, Australia through the Global Business Institute! As someone who enjoys the outdoors and nature, I cannot think of a better place to try new activities as well as discover the food, history, tradition and culture. This opportunity will allow me to explore areas I have not yet encountered and help me develop the skills necessary to be a marketable candidate in the future. 

While in Australia, I will be taking 3 marketing elective courses as well as completing an internship with Cancer Council NSW, a non-profit based in Sydney whose mission is to lead, empower, and mobilize the community to beat cancer. I am so excited to aid in their marketing, media, and communications efforts and to contribute to such an impactful company.

Ultimately, engaging in an environment where numerous ethnicities, traditions, and religions coexist is vital to creating a more harmonious society. Moreover, by studying abroad I have the opportunity to apply knowledge of what I learned in my academic courses to real life situations, allowing a more holistic approach and way of thinking. As a marketing major, I cannot wait to participate in a global hub renowned for its marketing operations, such as Sydney. Pitt Business aims to take students on a journey “from the classroom, to the city, to the world”.  With this in mind, I cannot think of a better program to be a part of so that I may learn,observe, and contribute to the world.