Bello Apartamento

Ciao! I am finally settled here in Florence and wanted to write about my living arrangements.  I am living in an apartment right along the river Arno. It is a beautiful apartment with three bedrooms.  The front door is wooden and it is so large and heavy that I have a key to automatically open the door. When you enter the front door there is a lobby area that has statues in the walls and plants.  The ceilings are extremely high and a door man is usually there to greet me. Two things that I specifically love about my apartment are that we have an elevator and we have a washer and dryer. From what I have heard, both of those things are not common for apartments in Italy, so I am thankful.  Another thing that is convenient is the proximity to the train station. My walk to school is about twenty minutes, but my walk to the train station is less than ten. I am sure that having quick access to trains will be great for the traveling that I want to do around Italy. I have four roommates, all from Pitt and in the business school, so we have lots in common.  We spend a lot of time in the living room just chatting and getting to know each other, as well as a lot of time in the kitchen learning how to cook. The walk to my internship is about ten minutes, and it involves crossing the river. This is beneficial because I get to see the other side of town and it is a nice change of scenery. I definitely do more walking here than I do at Pitt, but I enjoy walking all of the tiny streets because there are so many cute restaurants and stores to see along the way.  There are so many different routes to walk to school and work, and I try to take a different route every time so that I can see every street. The weather here is a little colder than I was expecting, so I would tell other students hoping to study abroad in Italy to bring a scarf, hat, and a pair of gloves. Furthermore, all of the buildings here are colder than in the US. Italians do not crank up the heat when it gets cold, they just bundle up more. Therefore, I would also tell other students to pack warm sweaters and layers.  Although it may be chilly, I cannot complain because I am surrounded by so much stunning art and architecture. I am in awe of Florence and I’m so excited continue exploring all of the streets and shops.