Imagining a Future in Florence

My time in Florence has shown me that I would love to work or live abroad someday. If I had the opportunity to become a full-time resident of my study abroad location, I would like to imagine the way my life would be. I think I would like to live outside of the city center of Florence. This semester, I frequently met up with a “host” family for dinner once a week. I had to take a train to get to their area of Florence, but I liked how it was more residential and did not have all the hustle and bustle of the city center. If I had the opportunity to live in Florence, I could see myself living in an apartment in an area such as this. It has many apartments, businesses, and schools that differ from the city center. It would be nice to stay there but still have the convenience of going to see different amazing attractions in the main section of Florence.

If I had to choose a professional role in my new home, I would love to work for a business that involves some traveling. My experience abroad has shown me that I love traveling to new places on the weekends and getting to do something like that but in my work would be amazing. My host family’s dad works for General Electric in Florence but has had many opportunities to travel elsewhere. He does a lot of work in Prague which I think is a very cool city. It would be both challenging and exciting to travel for work like he does for General Electric, and I think it would teach me a lot about becoming comfortable in new places and making relationships with people from other cultures.

I would also love to explore other aspects of culture here in Florence that I did not have time for in these past four months. If I moved here, it would be necessary for me to fluently learn the language to be able to integrate myself with the Italian people. Although right now I know a few Italian phrases here and there, it would be a goal of mine to talk like a local. Additionally, I would really like to get accustomed to the Italian’s slower pace of life. In the U.S., I tend to always do one thing after another at a fast pace, but I like how the Italians are more relaxed. It would definitely be a lifestyle change, but one that would be rewarding and help fully integrate me into the culture. Of all the places I have traveled to, Florence is still my favorite and it would be amazing if I someday had the opportunity to become a full-time resident.