Look out, London!


Hi everyone!

My name is Charlie Cimino and I am a junior studying Marketing and Theater Arts.  I cannot believe my summer semester in London is only a few weeks away! While studying abroad in Italy last spring, I spent my spring break traveling through the UK. I fell in love with London right away and knew I wanted to go abroad again as soon as possible.  Studying abroad has enhanced my college education, and I am excited to have another chance to gain vital skills for future career options, work alongside my Pitt peers in internship programs, and learn more about job opportunities available in London. Here is a little bit about myself:

I spent the first eighteen years of my life residing in the great, infamous Stroudsburg Pennsylvania–a small town located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains.  It is a tourist hotspot due to its proximity to the Appalachian trail and multiple ski resorts that make up Monroe County.  My mother’s side of the family moved to Stroudsburg after my grandfather took an offensive coordinator position on the football staff at East Stroudsburg University in 1977.  They have lived there ever since.  

At the University of Pittsburgh, I am involved in multiple organization on campus.  Last semester, I worked as an ACC Network Student Assistant at the Petersen Event Center had had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of new broadcasting equipment. When I am not up at the Pete, I am running all across Pennsylvania—literally—as a member of Pitt’s Club Cross Country team and expanding my musical abilities in Pitt’s Musical Theatre Club.  Last September, I performed in Pitt’s “24-Hour Musical” of Mamma Mia and ran a personal best in my Cross Country Invitational in Lexington, Kentucky.  On the weekends, I currently work as a specialist at Apple Shadyside.

After I complete my undergraduate studies at Pitt, I am hoping my future path takes one of two directions. My primary goal would be to work toward a Master’s degree.  There are a few programs in London that I feel would be a perfect fit. One program that strikes my interest is a Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Entertainment Media.  The degree includes internship and job opportunities that allow me to begin my career in film directly after I begin my MBA degree. Spending the first half of my summer in London will allow me to learn more about my options after undergrad and get a feel for living in the UK. The alternative path would be to pursue a full-time career in TV and film.  Whether that be in UK or the US, I feel that going abroad will give me a sense of what might be available to me if I am able to pursue a career abroad.

There are many goals I have for myself if I am selected to study abroad in London.  Two of them include:

1. Learn more about career opportunities in London

As someone who strives to obtain a career marketing & entertainment, I am excited to see all that London has to offer. I am also interested in Master’s Degree programs abroad–a few graduate schools in London have caught my eye!

2. Engage in a new culture and city

The historic sites, theatre scene, and, most importantly, British accents, make London the perfect city to explore.  While abroad, my goal is to learn as much as possible about the different culture around me–and eat lots of good food!

This study abroad program allows me to continue my degree in marketing at Pitt while expanding into a job industry that interests me. Because I transferred into Pitt as a junior, I have very little room in my schedule to maintain my minor in theatre arts.  In London, I hope to gain experience from an internship that involves both business and the arts. I have always had a passion for performing, singing, acting, and theater. My dream internship would allow me to expand on these interests while learning the business side of the entertainment industry.

GBI London will enhance my academic career at Pitt. I am confident that the experiences I have throughout this program will set me up to succeed in the career field I am passionate about.  I can commit to working towards the ambitious personal and career goals I have for myself this summer while studying in a city known for entertainment and television.

 The Global Institue program available in London is the perfect way for me to gain work experience while taking classes that spark my interest.  I cannot think of a better way to begin my summer!

The next post I make will be from London!  Updates to follow.