One Almost Final Report

So this program used to be 12 (instead of 8) weeks long and thus the weekly assignments had 12 prompts. Now you might notice that there’s a difference between 12 and 8 (roughly 4) which means that we no longer answer all of the prompts. The second to last prompt (that would normally go unanswered as of the program change) was intended as a reflective conclusion to the program where we think about what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown, unnecessary sentiments, right?

This week’s prompt is all about the definition of success both from an industrial and cultural standpoint. Since that’s just asking for a subjective take on subjective views and the fact that I have my own independent goals in life, I’m going to answer the last prompt instead so at least one person does and that way I can at least give a single more objective answer to any of these prompts.

I think that I’ve at least started to grow on a couple of personal levels. First, this is actually my first time spending extended time in a city, I don’t care what Johnstown calls itself, it’s exactly what it’s name implies it’s just a town. I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with being in the urban environment and especially with navigating the public transit system, which is far more functional than Pittsburgh’s. Second, I’ve learned a lot about the way that I like to travel. I much prefer navigating solo because it means that I don’t have to account for anyone else, especially in crowded areas.

In regards to how I developed professionally, I’ve learned so much about development and its workflow from my office. It would take a while to list everything out, so the biggest takeaway is that small business development is a lot more appealing now. I’ve also gained a slightly better focus into what I want to work on in the future so that’s a plus.

I just want it to be known, that I don’t think that the price of the program changed despite the program being multiple weeks shorter.