Just livin’ the Dublin life

Hello! This past week was more of simply living life in Dublin. Nothing really major happened except seeing more places around the city and around Ireland.

This past weekend I visited the Rock of Cashel, Blarney Castle, and Cork city. This day trip was my first one alone and a very peaceful experience. The weather was once again beautiful and I’ve been very lucky to have good weather every time I have a day trip planned. My favorite part was the gardens of Blarney Castle. The grounds of the castle are so expansive that it’s extremely easy to wander aimlessly and get lost. And of course… given that I want to Blarney Castle, I had to kiss the Blarney stone. The stone supposedly gives anyone who kisses it the power of speaking eloquently. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if I can talk myself out of a sticky situation to find out if the stone really does work. I have one more trip planned the weekend before I have to head back home so we’ll see if the weather cooperates with me then too!

As far as updates on all things food…..I found a delicious crepe place only a five minute walk away from my work. They have sweet and savory crepes and are always extremely busy which is a good sign. I’ve already been twice and considering I only found it this past week…I’m going to have a hard time resisting the walk in that direction. I also tried Guinness chocolate cake because it’s Ireland and it’s just something you have to do. It was a little more bitter than normal chocolate cake because of how bitter Guinness is. As someone who isn’t die hard for chocolate, it was okay and not anything super special. I also had more ice cream and fruit tarts which are always my go to.

Everything at work is also going very well. The big report that I’ve been working on since I arrived in Ireland is finally coming to an end. I’m finishing writing it on Wednesday of this coming week and I’m excited to get feedback on it to see how I can improve. In high school I didn’t care for statistics much because it was an extremely boring subject. I still maintain that it’s quite boring, but I now understand the value of it and data analytics. These skills are things that can be taken into any field and I appreciate the early exposure before considering starting in a data analytics certificate. Since my time in the office is mostly spent staring at a screen trying to make graphs and analyses, I often take a short walk to give my eyes some rest. Staring at a screen for long periods of time seems to make your eyes go fuzzy from time to time so it seems like a good idea to go refill my cup of tea. Unfortunately, this is one part of Irish work culture that can not be brought back home. Since the work culture back home is very intense in the sense that they don’t like multiple breaks, it could be seen as lazy or not hard working. I find that while I’m working here, I continue to adhere to deadlines I set for myself. Deadlines here are more relaxed than I’m used to, but to keep myself motivated and continuing to work hard, I like to make checklists for the day and set deadlines even when my supervisor doesn’t. Either way I’m excited to start something new in the last couple weeks of my time here.

Until next time, thanks a million!