Exploring London

With yet another week down, this marks just three weeks left for me in Dublin. As my time here is slowly winding down, I wish I could have just a couple more weeks to continue working and to explore more of Ireland and Europe. Just as it has been every week, the past 7 days have held lots of professional development and social explorations. As always, I will start with my time spent out of the workplace first, and then we will close things up back at work. Let’s get started!

This past week was very fun, especially the weekend. Jack Marquis and I made a weekend trip to London, and it was interesting to say the least. We flew in Thursday night and landed in London around 1am. It wasn’t until about 3am, however, that we got to our hostel. The hostel was hands down the toughest part of the trip. We were thrown into a packed room onto third level bunk beds (I eventually moved down a level when someone left) without any air conditioning and let me tell you, it was very hot outside. Fun fact: I actually didn’t get a minute of sleep the first night we were there. A great start to the trip! Anyways, despite my sleep deprivation, we used the day to explore the city. We got to walk around and see Big Ben (which was unfortunately under construction), Buckingham Palace, and though we did not go on it because of the lines, we spent some time around the London Eye. The picture I have chosen looks down the River Thames and the London Eye, with a beautiful blue sky surrounding it all.

After a long day of exploration, we came back to the hostel to rest for a little bit and then went to an Italian restaurant near us for some of the best pizza I have ever had in my life – no joke. After the delicious food, we headed back into the city and got a chance to meet up with one of my friends from high school who was also spending the weekend in London! She, her brother and his friend came out with us and we got a chance to check out the social scene around London. It was a lot of fun!

The next day I luckily got a good amount of sleep, and once I was up we grabbed some brunch and continued on to my favorite part of the trip. We hopped on the train and got off at St. John’s Wood, walked about 10 minutes, and there we were: Abbey Road. Abbey Road is where The Beatles’ famous cover to their album also titled “Abbey Road”. The Beatles are my favorite band and Abbey Road is my favorite album by them, so getting a chance to see the crosswalk where all four of these incredibly talented musicians stood was absolutely unreal to me. Right next to the crosswalk where the album cover was taken was also the “Abbey Road Studios”, a recording studio where a lot of The Beatles had their songs recorded. I even got to write a note on the wall in front of the studio! It is absolutely insane to me that my favorite band had spent a period of time of their musical careers at this spot, and the fact that I was able to spend some time there made me really happy.

After this, Jack and I made our way back into the city and visited The Shard. The Shard is a building in London that brings you up about 70 floors and you can see some absolutely amazing views. We decided to do this because, as you know, we didn’t get a chance to take a ride up in The Eye. When we were done with that, we grabbed a bite to eat and continued to explore the city. After a couple hours of walking around, we took a train back and had dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant again! And even got the same pizza too! I hope I get a chance to go back there again one day…

After dinner, we returned to our hostel and went to bed to wake up at 3am to make our way back to the airport and catch our flight. Even though the weekend provided me with barely any sleep, I still had a great time exploring the wonderful city of London.

Now, we will hop my internship. If you recall in my last post, I had told you all of my increased responsibilities at work, and how I would be taking over the sourcing and candidate calling for my co-worker who is on vacation. I am proud to say that it is all going well! My days have become a lot busier and I have become a lot more comfortable making phone calls to potential candidates. It feels great that I am now making actual contributions to the company, and although I only have one more week of this before my co-worker returns, I am hoping I will be able to take on some similar roles even when she has returned.

One skill I was looking to improve throughout my time here in Ireland is leadership. Based on my past roles, leadership to me has always been being in command/supervising a group of people to carry out certain tasks to reach a goal. While this definition still holds true, this internship has definitely changed my view on what else leadership can be. As an intern, I don’t have a chance to supervise any employees, as I don’t have nearly as much experience as them. However, with the work that I have taken over for my colleague, I have been able to lead my own project persay, and relay information over to other co-workers to help them progress in their candidate searching and deal making. In this way, I have learned to lead myself and independently complete my own tasks and projects.

As a result, this internship has taught me that leadership isn’t only about being in charge of people and telling them what to do, but it is also about leading yourself in your work and being able to assist the rest of your team to help everyone advance on their journey to reach their goals. Needless to say, my leadership skills have improved quite a bit and I am looking forward to bringing them back home to Pitt and to whatever job opportunities I have in the future!

Next weekend, I will be spending some time in Amsterdam with friends. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and so I’m really excited to tell you all about it! Until next week!