When I am writing this blog, I have already gone back to Pittsburgh, how time flies. I still remember the first day I arrived in San Francisco. Everything was so different from what I see on the east coast, and I was a little bit nervous. The two-month internship is so meaningful for me because I truly learned a lot of things during these eight weeks. 

Even though I enjoyed this internship, things were not easy for me. I worked for venture capital, A-Force Ventures. Before this internship, I hardly knew anything about early-stage investments and startups. All I learned from the classes in the university is very different from Angel investment. I knew how to invest in the publicly held companies by purchasing stocks, I knew what the key points are to manage a company efficiently, and I knew how to analyze and evaluate the financial situation of a company. However, Angel investment is a brand-new field for me. Therefore, at the beginning of the internship, I met a lot of difficulties and challenges. I had to learn everything from the beginning. Furthermore, this is my first internship in the U.S. As an international student who was not familiar with the culture at the workplace here, it is also hard for me to adapt to it. Fortunately, my colleagues and my supervisor were extremely helpful and kind. They introduced me to this new world and provided me with useful advice and suggestion. I genuinely appreciate them because I could not have done everything successfully without their assistance. Naturally, I also put great efforts into every task to keep up with the whole team and contribute as much as possible. My primary duties were contacting with startups, reviewing pitch decks, researching the market, and summarizing the opinions. I took part in every part of the project and learned how the decision was made. 

Due to this internship, I improved myself to a great extent. Personally, as an international student, I always try to have more opportunities to improve communication skill and writing skill. This internship helped me a lot. Since it was my responsibility to contact with investors and other startups, I practiced my email writing skill. I also had the chance to have meetings and calls with many other colleague and clients. Besides these, I learned the culture on the west coast. Since this is my first time to live on the west coast, the diversity in many aspects is interesting for me. Because of this internship, I also learn many things on the academic aspect. Since most things I learned at Pitt are necessary theory and concepts, I did not have many chances to practice what I learned from the classroom. Most of the things I learned were not relevant to early-stage investment, so I had to gain a lot of knowledge about venture capital and angel investment. The knowledge about investment is very likely to benefit my future academic career at Pitt and for graduate school. Last but not least, this first internship in the U.S. taught me the culture at the workplace. I learned how to find the balance between work and personal life, how to work efficiently, and how to get along well with other teammates. I benefited greatly and improved myself a lot due to this internship.I truly enjoyed these two months in San Francisco. Even though the traffic was always crowed and the public transportation was sometimes delayed, the cool temperature and warm sunshine made me relaxed. I miss every part of the experience in this great city, the food, the view, the people and the culture. I appreciate my colleagues and my supervisor for trusting me and helping me when I was in need every time. Without their assistance, I would not have completed the internship so successfully. I also really appreciated Pitt for this opportunity. Through this internship, I not only learned knowledge about investment but also realized my true interest in this field. Therefore, I decided to pursue finance and investment in further academic career and workplace. After returning to Pitt, I plan to take more courses in finance and learn more about investment. I will also encourage my classmates and friends to take part in the International Internship Program to have a fantastic experience relevant to the field they are interested in. In the future, I will have more internship and formal jobs. However, I will always remember this experience because so many things I learned are helpful, be