Missing Dublin

Hi, it is me again. This is the last blog post for my trip to Dublin, but not the final overall blog post. By accident, I thought the last blog post was the last one, so I left a lot of my ideas on Ireland in that post. Since there is also no prompt for this post, it looks like I am just going to have to talk about anything that I had not mentioned in my previous blogs. I do however think that this one will be different because I have been home for over a week now. With that, I have gained a new outlook on my study abroad trip, all the things I got to experience and some of the things that I feel like I did not get to experience fully. But I want to start first on the thing that I miss most about being in. Dublin, and that is living on my own. I feel like I have grown massively as an individual in a number of ways. I managed to work a full-time job, cook, always get up on time, and have a ton of fun. This is a massive change for me, especially since when I first got to Ireland I did not even think that I could cook at all. Honestly, I was afraid that I would starve to death because I had no idea how to cook. Now I am pretty much the Master Chef (not really, I made pasta far too often). In all seriousness, I was definitely afraid to live on my own in a different country. I felt like living on my own when I go to college is completely different because I am used to Pittsburgh, have a large number of friends in Pittsburgh, and have several options for food and travel. In Dublin I was completely on my own. I did not know anybody coming in to the program and I had to adapt on the fly. Overall, I think I did a good job changing myself and I now feel prepared to take on the adult responsibility of living on my own and taking care if myself after college ends. Another thing I miss about Dublin is the city itself. Dublin was a city unlike any other city that I have ever experienced, and I feel like I have been in a good number of cities. I just loved the atmosphere in Dublin. It was very relaxed, but there were so many people out and about. There was plenty of things to do, yet everything was so close and accessible. It is just a great city to live in and experience. The last thing I really miss about my study abroad is my work. Yes, my work. I loved the place that I worked at. The other employees were super friendly and willing to help at all times. My boss was the nicest guy ever. He truly cared about the experience I was to gain from this internship. He knew everything about his area of expertise as well, which was super helpful to me because I knew pretty much nothing about the event management and booking area before this internship. Not only was the work environment great, but I learned so much about an area that I never had interest in before. When I got to do different projects that was directly associated with the booking and management aspect of this job, I found myself to be very intrigued by the process that the other employees would go through. I payed very close attention to how they portrayed themselves over the phone and in person. I also found that whenever the employees conversed with each other or other clients about work that I was listening very intently to their conversations. Just by listening, I got a grasp of the ins and outs of this area of work. But it was not just about the ins and outs that I was listening for. I generally found that I was super interested in this area of work. I do not know if it was because I had no interest or knowledge of it beforehand, but I lived gaining new information on this work. Now I am not saying that I would work in the booking area when I graduate but I was interested nevertheless. I think that I why I loved work so much. My general interest in this area helped me come to work every day excited and not bored. I miss Dublin and am already counting down the days until I can go there again.