Business as NOT Usual?

Ciao a tutti, Firenze has been beautiful as usual lately. After a brief hiatus touring Calabria and Palermo, I’m very glad to be back in Firenze. After being a tourist for a week, I relate more to the clients I serve in the tourism industry. Tuscany Cycle is a bicycle and Vespa tour agency that offers an unparalleled experience touring the Tuscan countryside. I have been fortunate enough to see a lot that Tuscany has to offer by working with Dejan and my fellow intern Nico Lage. Through working in tourism, I’m able to work with a lot of people that are going through a lot of the same emotions that I had when I first moved to Italy. I’m able to use my experiences and knowledge to put them at ease and ensure that they have a good time not only on their tour but for the duration of their stay.

Utilizing my adaptability Cliftons strength, I am able to assess what’s going on and choose the best course of action for any given scenario. Analytical skills have also been very useful in assessing people and feeling out their interests and views to best tailor their experience to them. Working in tourism can be stressful because tourists on vacation often feel free of responsibility, which can be a liability when operating a Vespa on an active road. Oftentimes, we find ourselves having to sugarcoat that they may not be able to drive the vehicle by themselves so they will still have a positive experience. There is a lot more that goes into the operations than meets the eye.

Working in Tuscany Cycle, we get to see Dejan in action. Dejan is a master of his craft, he sticks to a script but makes each experience individual to the people on the tour. His ability to adapt each experience is what makes Tuscany Cycle so unique.