Working in Italy

Ciao again! It’s Nico here and I’m back with some more stories about my time in Florence. I elected to participate in an internship during my time abroad. I work with my fellow friend and student Nico Marino. We work for Tuscany Cycle, a small company in the tourism industry. Tuscany Cycle provides tourists with the opportunity with bicycle rides and vespa wine tours in the Chianti region of Tuscany. After spending two months in Italy, I feel as though I’ve transitioned from a tourist to a local. Because of my position, I feel as though I can relate to all of the customers I encounter. In order to be successful in the tourism industry, communication and collaboration are key characteristics to thrive. It’s important to adapt to the needs of certain customers, and create a healthy relationship. Collaboration is also important because teamwork is vital for success. Communication is one of my Clifton strengths and it has proven to be helpful for creating a friendly and efficient environment in the office. My boss cares about his employees, and acts more as a friend and mentor than a supervisor. My boss Dejan cares most about the quality of work, and aims to create lasting and friendly relationships with his customers.