Blog Post -Docklands (8/6/21)

Can you see yourself living/working in a place like the Docklands in four years (or, how about, which city/neighborhood is your “Docklands”?)?

The Docklands was one of the nicest places iv’e seen, everything was modern and the number of headquarters for some of the largest companies in the world were located there. There was a variety of businesses that were attracted to Dublin as a result of the low of the interest rates created by the government. These tech companies can thrive in this area and there are large consulting companies as well such as pwc and kpmg who all have large buildings that we saw. The Meta (Facebook) and Google Headquarters were the nicest facilities and they really created a presence in the “Docklands” area. I could definitely see myself thriving in this type of area as well as enjoying a life in this area. The number of businesses available to apply for in this area is very high and it is convenient that there is such a variety. It will also be so motivating because everyone seems so driven in this area and are focused on the profession.