Blog 3: Professional Developments

This experience has further helped develop my professional and personal skills. There are so many different opportunities to learn about different professional areas or fields, such as some of our workshop lunch ins. I have been keen about trying to stay involved with some of these different opportunities. My internship at Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney has also offered many different experiences and backgrounds. I have had the chance to work with every member of my team, learning how they go about their days and performing their tasks at hand. Some of this includes reaching out to corporations for mutual benefits or working on the back end of Salesforce and Facebook with the analytics department. The internship itself has been a huge learning process, something that will help me later in my career. This is one of the main reasons why I like this internship, because I get to learn about so many different aspects of a working company, not just one pertained area.

Some of these skills can also be seen throughout my classes as well. For my one class, we had to research a job position we are interested in and conduct a mock interview applying for this position. The mock interview was very helpful, as we recorded ourselves in order to reflect upon the experience. I found this very useful, as there are some areas that I thought I was strong in, but others that I could work to improve. This use of reflection is very beneficial for us students, as we will be more prepared for an actual interview when the time comes.

Moving on from these skills, we had the chance to visit the Great Barrier Reef this weekend. It was breathtaking – the coral, the fish, the ocean, everything. It was also warm, which was a great escape from the colder Sydney weather! These small trips have been some of my favorite parts of my time abroad. Getting out and seeing the rest of the world, places that I have never seen, have been some of the best experiences of my life.


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