Working and Breathing in London

Interning and studying in London has allowed me to grow and evolve tremendously as an individual and business student. The internship has given me the opportunity to work in a foreign country with a new culture and experience life as a Londoner for six weeks. I have learned a variety of hard and soft skills that are transferable to any future internships and jobs as well as to university. I’ve learned how to communicate within a workplace which is one of the arguably most important skills to possess when it comes to being a business student. As London is a very diverse city with many from different backgrounds and cultures, I had the opportunity to learn to network and socialize with a variety of individuals. This skill will drive me forward in the business world as I will be more comfortable and confident speaking to colleagues, supervisors, and even professors. Furthermore, I’ve gained valuable marketing knowledge and learned about the nuances of a small, yet international e-commerce company. It was a very unique experience that allowed me to be very hands-on with multiple projects and tasks. I learned how to use new CRM programs such as Hubspot and WordPress as marketing tools for my various assignments. These hard skills will be a valuable aspect of my resume and experience as I will be coming into the workplace with the skills to use these softwares. Inside and outside of the classroom, I am developing my adaptability as London is a brand new environment with a rather busy lifestyle that is always changing and requiring flexibility. To excel in my environment, I’ve had to learn to go with the flow of things and get accustomed to a new routine with different cultural norms. This in itself has been challenging but rewarding. As it is coming to the end of the program, I feel proud of myself and what I have accomplished in merely six weeks. All these skills will aid me as a business student as I will bring a new perspective to the spot using my international experience to complement my work and studies. Solely having this abroad experience will aid me in future professional opportunities as it adds something unique to my resume. With this experience I have gained cultural intelligence and am more aware of the operations of a workplace somewhere other than the States which definitely unveils a new side to the business environment. 

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