How Dublin affects Shareclub

I learned a lot about the history of Dublin through the tour today. He extensively described the struggle Ireland has faced in gaining its independence. A general theme I took away from this explanation was the endurance of the Irish people throughout the long and bloody battles for independence.  For example, the Irish civilians who lived in the tenements had to overcome low wages, poor living conditions, and rampant disease for many years as a result of greedy business owners. As such a staple of Irish history, I can connect this to the market audience of Sara. It is very clear that the Irish are patriotic and proud of what they have overcome. Sara could possibly appeal to them through knowledge of their history and advertising that shares a similar value. Furthermore, our tour guide touched on the different sides of Dublin. The river liffey cuts through Ireland, separating it into the north and south sides. He explained how the two sides are of course part of the same city yet contain different cultures. The south side, where we are located at Trinity College, is filled with tourist attractions and brimming with activity. The North side is more authentic, as it is quieter and where most of the locals live. Knowledge of this partition would definitely benefit Sara as she is identifying her market segments. I believe she would do well to approach the two sides of the city in different ways, especially when it comes to marketing.

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