Opportunities for Shareclub

One really important insight that we learned today is the strength of our clients’ competitors. We originally thought that 2GoCup was a big force in Dublin, and our clients dreams of successfully operating in the cafe cup space were not attainable. However, they have 2GoCups at Trinity College and no one seemed to be using them, and additionally people have mentioned that they leak. Sarah, our client, has also done research on 2GoCup’s presence in Ireland, and it seems that they aren’t well liked by many of their consumers and many shops have stopped using them. This gave a lot of clarity towards why Sarah wants to compete against them, and we feel much more confident that we can help Sarah achieve a manageable business plan.

Another important insight today was on the number of coffee shops in Dublin: there are quite a few, and they all seem to charge a high price for coffee. With the new disposable tax being added soon, consumers may feel like they are paying too much for coffee. Adding a discount or reward system with Shareclub could be an opportunity for Sarah to convince customers that her product is a better deal that paying for a disposable cup. 

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