Credibility and Connections


To establish credibility with Sarah, I have a few goals that need to happen before the final meeting. I would first need to show her a genuine concern and interest in her company. If Sarah does not believe that we care about her company, she will not listen to anything we have to say to make it better. Furthermore, I will establish relationships and gain knowledge about the Dublin market to prove to her that I understand the area in which she is conducting her business. Finally, to prove my credibility I will do my own personal research of other companies that are similar to Shareclub, and present my findings. This way, Sarah can understand that I am not just using my own personal knowledge, rather I am using other valid resources as well.

In terms of making a connection with Sarah, I think it is important to understand what she personally wants. While we of course need to keep in mind the direction in which she wants the business to go, I think understanding her personal goals will allow us to have a better dialogue and make the consulting process more personalized. For example, if we get a sense that she is mostly focused on her values and helping the environment of Dublin, we can emphasize ways to achieve that in our final consulting project. Whereas, if she really just wants the revenue, we can push that in our project. I believe that by establishing a personal connection and understanding her goals, our consulting work will resonate much more deeply with her.

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