Shareclub Preparations

To demonstrate my credibility with Sarah, I plan to present my deliverables in a manner that effectively and punctually conveys the information. With all of the research my team and I have been conducting based on the market segments and her social media as well as her competitors, I feel confident that our information will be credible. We have also shown passion about her product and her mission, which is important when building a relationship with a client along with gaining their trust. This consulting project is a perfect way for us to learn how to present valuable information and ensure that it is credible for the purpose of benefiting a client. 

Personally, I intend to make a strong connection with Sarah by making a social media and marketing plan that is very tailored to her and her needs. Through our meetings, I have shown interest in her plans by asking questions and pitching ideas, and I plan to continue this process until our final presentation. 

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